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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

  • Once you purchase your membership at, you will receive your $300.00 for 12 Grocery Certificates and $300.00 for 12 Gas Certificates. Please keep this for your records, you will need this. This will be a PDF or digital pin.
  • Once you receive your Membership Certificate you will be able to logon and enter the password found on your Certificate.
  • At this time, you will enter your information and select your favorite Gas Station and Grocery Store. Remember you tell us where you shop, we don't tell you where to shop.
  • You will have to register each certificate. This means, you will register your Grocery Certificate and then register your Gas Certificate separately. You cannot register them at the same time.
  • Next, print your custom Gas vouchers and Grocery vouchers. You are going to be able to print 12 Gas vouchers and 12 Grocery vouchers. You will be able to redeem one voucher for Gas and one for Groceries each month. That's $50.00 each month in Visa Gift Cards.

Can I spend My Visa card anywhere?

  • Yes, this is yours to spend anywhere you want! You can even use them at your favorite Grocery Store or Gas Station or save them up for that trip to DisneyLand!

Can I shop at any Grocery Store or Gas Station?

  • Yes! That's the great part about this program. All Gas Stations and Grocery Stores participate. There are absolutely no exclusions! The Grocery Stores and Gas Stations are only examples of where you can shop. You tell us where your going to shop, we don't tell you where to shop!

Grocery Coupons, Gas Coupons - Participating Stores

So what’s the Catch?

  • There is no Catch! Unless you want to call mailing receipts a catch. 
  • You just subscribe for a yearly fee of $49.95 and participate in a market study of consumer loyalty and each month mail in your Grocery Receipts and Gas Receipts and receive $50 a month in Visa Gift Cards, that’s $600 a year.  You can even shop with your grocery coupons to save more money.
  • This is offer is brought to you through a market research study of consumer loyalty. 

What do I do when I shop?

  • Continue to buy gas and groceries as you would normally do at the Gas Station and Grocery Store you selected! Every month, once your gas receipts total $100.00 and your grocery receipts total $100.00, simply mail your receipts with your Gas voucher and Grocery voucher to receive both of your $25.00 Visa Gift Cards. That's $50.00 for each month!

Who is

  • is a leading online marketing agency. We have partnered with a leader in customer loyalty programs that help retailers acquire new customers and retain existing ones.

Why have I never heard of this?

  • You have never heard of this because nobody but has ever brought a program to the internet like this. You see in the past, these offers were only given, to consumers who bought something like a new car or furniture. Normally you would have spend, $1,000.00s of dollars, on a new car or furniture to receive this offer. and through its partners have brought this exciting program directly to you the consumer without buying a new car or furniture.

Do I have to pay each month?

  • No, it's a one-time yearly fee of $49.95.

Do I have to buy anything else?

  • No, absolutely NOT! Just continue to shop at your favorite Grocery Store and Gas Station.

How is this possible?

  • There are two factors that make this program possible.
  • For buying gas and groceries from the same gas company and grocery store, you are being rewarded for your loyalty. Loyalty is worth its weight in Gold! So, this means your loyalty to your Grocery Store and Gas Station is your reward. You were going to shop there anyway, why not be rewarded with money, Right!
  • Advertisers also help fund the Loyalty Program through a short questionnaire that is completed during the registration process.

Do I have to participate in the questionnaire?

  • Yes. You will be asked 20 questions from our advertising partners during your registration. Most are simple yes/no questions.

Will I have to answer questions each month?

  • No. Just at the time of registration.

Will I get unsolicited mail or Spam Email?

  • No. The only email or mail you will ever receive from is to notify you of future offers that are part of your membership and you can even opt out of that! Say no to Spam!

What if I'm not happy with my Membership?

  • You can cancel your membership at anytime! With no future obligation and continue to shop at your favorite Grocery Store or Gas Station. That would be a shame because you're going to continue buying Groceries and Gas, Right!

If I cancel will I get my Money Back?

  • Yes! If you are not totally satisfied in the first 90 days, personally guarantees that you will be happy or your money back! If you're not totally satisfied even after you receive your first gift cards, you can receive a full refund. We want satisfied customers!

What if I need Help?

  • Not a problem, don’t hit the panic button.  We are here for you!

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