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Why have I not heard of or seen this before?

You have! You see previously this was only a promotional tool for businesses like Car Dealers, Furniture Stores, or even Mike from Mr. Transmission says below:

Customer Testimonials

November 20, 2008

To Whom It May Concern,

I have been using the Free Gas Promotion as a part of my sales pitch in my automobile transmission business now for over 6 weeks. During this time, it has been instrumental in making over 40 sales, totaling over $75,000. I have set a record sales week using the promotion, and also set a record month. And this comes during a downturn in the industry that has several of my competitors closing their doors. I am extremely confident that the Free Gas Promotion has had at least a 30% impact on my business. I look forward to using the Free Grocery Coupons early in 2009.

Mike Cook
Mr. Transmission of Marietta
Look what Brian of Good Year writes:

This was one of best local promotions that we have run in 2oo8! The response was terrific! With this marketing tool, we actually had something to offer our customer that was unique and different from everyone else in the marketplace. In our industry, you need something to separate you from the competition. We have used both the Gas and the Grocery promotion. Both promotions were cost effective ways of advertising that received great ROI! I can't thank the guys at free "food and fuel program" enough for providing me with this marketing tool. I have actually increased my store sales by 6% during our slow months! I would recommend this promotion to anyone that needs to boost sales in a weak economy.

Brian Campbell
General Manager
My colleague and I purchased some certificates. We use them in drawings, as thank you's, and as a promotional item to increase quote traffic. The certificates have already paid for themselves many times over. I know customers appreciate all the help they can get in today's economy. What a way to help our business grow and help our clients keep a little extra in their wallets.

Thanks so much! Please keep up the good work.

Ernie Jonseof
AHA Insurance

You see Businesses have been using Free Gas and Grocery programs to bring in customers for a long time. Now with you can have the Free Gas and Groceries anytime you want.

Now take a look at what some of the Customers had to say:

David & I have received our first $25 gift card for the Free Fuel Program we joined in Oct 2008. We had purchased Ashley Furniture and signed up to benefit from your program as one of the bonuses from our purchase. We thought that since gas prices were going up, this would be the most beneficial program for us long term, and it's simple. Each month we gather all of our Chevron receipts and submit them to the program in hopes that once the program finishes, we will have $450 in gas cards to spend at any Chevron. That's a lot of fill ups at the tank that we won't have to worry about in regards the gas prices at the time.

Thank you for creating such a long term beneficial program.

The Fowlers
Sherri Fowler
Steve Burmaster Photo

I have attached a photo of myself with my $25.00 Free Fuel card!

"This is a GREAT program! I just save my receipts for each month, once
they total $100.00 I send them in with the coupon for that month and I get
my $25.00 gift card back in about a month- it's AWESOME!"

Steve Burmaster
Women's Volleyball Coach

Travis O'Neil Photo
I think this is a great program and an incentive campaign for making purchases. Saving all of the gas receipts really opens your eyes to how
much you spend in a month on gas for personal or work travel.

Travis O'neil
Glen Easton, WV

Here is what some very satisfied Customers are saying about, is awesome! I was a bit skeptical at first, but am your #1 fan now! I must say that You guys not only made it easy with the pre-filled out vouchers but send an email as well confirming you got it, and a gift card followed shortly behind. It does not get easier than that.

Thanks again!
Erik Tipton
Bountiful, Utah
I received my first two $25 Visa Gift cards in the mail yesterday and it worked just like the instructions said it would. You must follow the rules however and all will be well. Thanks for my Sam's and Wal-Mart card. I look forward to receiving many more so I can save for my next summer vacation Motorhome gas.

Bakersfield, CA
I have received two gift cards this week! Such good timing as I just had surgery! Thank you so much!

Sherry Bale
Oklahoma City, OK
D. Springer Photo
I was excited to receive my 1st two Visa Gift cards. I will also look forward to receiving the other 22 cards over the next several months. This really helps when your shopping week to week with grocery coupons. I appreciate your program and wish you luck with it.

D. Springer

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